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Sailing Regatta


Corporate   navigation   activity   during   which   the   recreational   aspect   is emphasised   but   at   the   same   time   demanding   sufficient concentration   on   the part  of  the   participants  distributed  on  teams  (crews)   to   enable  them  to   sail   the boat  as   a  team.   This  way introduce  them   to   the   idea  of  competition  where  the different   crews   do   a   regatta   on   several   marked   courses.   The   personnel contribution of everyone fullfill the crew results.
Sailing   exercises  are   done   to   practice   the   basic   techniques   using   different   set courses on different winds thus  experiencing the unique feeling of movement at sea.   In   every   boat   there   are   4   crewmembers   and   a   sailing   instructor   with   a qualification issued bythe Catalan Sailing Federation.
·Use of the change rooms and lockers.
·Group   welcome   to   CMV   with   the   issue   of   a   technical   dossier   (start   of   the activity).
·Explanation  of  the   activity  and  the  assignment  of  a  sailing   instructor  to   every crew.
·Access to the dinghies tied up at the harbour piers.
·Every crew member is issued a life jacket.
·The sailing instructors explain the basic security measures and the duties that every crew member will be responsible for on the boat.
·Departure  and  tow  of  the   dinghies   to   the   navigation  area   which  is   situated  infront   of   the   Olympic   Harbour.   It   is   possible   to observe   the   activity   from   the breakwater.
·The sailing  instructor will remind the crew of the timing, the competition set up or the course that will be followed.
·Warmup and start of the competition.
·One or more races may be held depending on the weatherconditions.
·The boat carrying   the regatta  marshals  will take  note of the  order  of  arrival to be able to establish a classification list.
·The fleetsails or is towedback to the harbour.
·The dinghies are fastened to the piers.
·Farewell (end of the activity).
·Use of change rooms.


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Cancellation more then a week in advance: administration costs of 15%
Cancellation between a week and 48 hours prior to departure date: 50% of the total amount
Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to departure date : 100% of the total amount
No show: no restitution

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for groups from 39 persons: 69 EUR per person

Duration: from 3h to 4h.

Language: English, Spanish.


Sports wear appropriate for the season.
Sports or sailing footwear (non-slip sole).
From   spring   to   summer   it   is   necessary   to   wear   a   cap/hat   and   to   put   on   sun protection lotion.
From autumn to spring a windbreaker or other waterproof jacket is necessary.
A complete change of dry clothing is recommended.