Barcelona City Guide

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Barcelona City Guide

Barcelona City Tours offers you the best travel and excursion packages, but our services don’t stop there. To be sure you get the most out of your Barcelona adventure, we listed the most noteworthy and outstanding spots that no traveller will want to miss. Whether you’re looking to explore the dazzling works of master painters, have a quiet canal-side dinner, or sample a bit of nightlife, Barcelona City Tours wants you to experience it all!

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia is the second largest city in Spain, strategically located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful and upbeat city is considered to be one of the most loved tourist destinations in the whole of Europe. What makes Barcelona a perfect getaway for travelers and tourists is its awe-inspiring architecture, history and rich cultural heritage.

This cosmopolitan city of Europe is a true conglomeration of old world charm and the essence of modernity. As you walk down the streets of Barcelona, you will be excited and amazed to see such unity in diversity – on the one hand its wonderful architecture with buildings created by Gaudí and on the other, its vibrant and colorful streets with people who seem to love life! There is no dearth of places you can explore and things you can do while in Barcelona.

From age old historical sites to interesting museums, from the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea to reverberating clubs, discos, pubs and an invigorating night life, Barcelona is just the place to be if you want to pamper your senses and experience the wonders of Spain. The people of Barcelona are a true pleasure to be around! You will find it extremely easy to feel the pulse of this paradise city as you walk down its myriad streets, each offering something new to explore and experience. So what are you waiting for?

Plan your next holiday in Barcelona and see for yourself what this city has to offer! If you’re looking for more Pubs, Clubs and Disco’s in Barcelona take a look at the website of Barcelona Life