OFFF Barcelona Festival 2014

OFFF Barcelona Festival 2014
More than a decade ago, OFFF was born as a festival. Today, OFFF is a way of understanding art. A way of life. Evolving and transforming.

From May 15th to 17th, OFFF Barcelona Festival keeps being a reference event throughout the world. A festival hosted in Barcelona, New York, Lisbon and Paris which has featured renowned artists. This is the festival where a new generation of artists has originated and developed. All of them started attending OFFF as spectators. Today, they take up its main stage. OFFF Barcelona Festival is an entity in continuous transformation, alive and evolutionary. More than a decade ago, it was born as a post-digital culture festival; a meeting place to host contemporary creation through an in depth programme of conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time. A wide range of special events takes place simultaneously within the festival. People who want to show what they do, to discover what others do and, above all to share their knowledge and their desires to inspire and to be inspired. The festival is divided into seven major sections: Roots, Openroom, Workshops, Showplace, Mercadillo, Cinexin & Chillax.

Roots is OFFF Barcelona Festiva’s heart. The pillar the festival is supported on. Roots is the stage where the main artists of our time go to share their ideas, projects and experiences with the audience.

OFFF feeds the future, creates future. It does it in Openroom, one hour long conferences, outlines a possible future: belonging to those creators who fill its programme year after year.

The workshops area provide a valuable way of engaging attendees in a process of interactive learning. Showplace is a space where you can enjoy interactive installations, generative art pieces, immersive environments of sound, video and graphic work. Showplace is a place where ideas form, where some of the projects presented by the artists participating in Roots and Openroom can be enjoyed to all extents. Mercadillo is the place to exchange products, projects and ideas. A space where, specifically organized by OFFF, a selection of artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, hardware and software developers, among others, have the opportunity to present their work through a rotating showcases program: 15 minutes to Feed the Future.  A place to discover and to be discovered.

Additionally, the OFFF network includes a teaching centre, Atelier, a continuous presence in the web 2.0 and a permanent group of artists, organizers and producers ready to host OFFF Barcelona Festival events wherever they are in demand.

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