La Sagrada Familia: landmark and an artistic and spiritual symbol

La Sagrada Familia: landmark and an artistic and spiritual symbol

La Sagrada Familia is a Barcelona landmark and an artistic and spiritual symbol of Catalonia. On 7 November 2010 the church of La Sagrada Familia was solemnly dedicated and declared a basilica by the Holy Father Benedict XVI and became a holy place open for worship.

In 1882 the foundation stone of a project conceived by Francisco de Paula del Vilar, the first architect of the church, was laid. A year and half later, Antoni Gaudi took over the work and turned the initial project around to create, over forty-three years, an outstanding, innovatory church which is still being built today according to his models. Gaudí is one of the outstanding figures of Catalan culture and international architecture. He spent most of his professional career building theSagrada Familia.

The sculptures and the door of the Passion façade, done since 20th century, represent the passion, the death and the resurrection of Jesus. Inside the church, the intimacy combined with the spaciousness is that of the forest, where the light from the ceiling of the central nave, at a height of 45 meters, illuminates the rows of tiles and makes the green and golden triangles shine. The Basilica is a place for prayer, silence and reflection. The visitors are not allowed to listen their audio guides or take photos. We invite you to make use of this space inside the church, but we would ask you to show all due respect. Glory façade, which is still to be built, and Paternoster doors tell of the origin and the end of human beings and the roads which lead to personal fulfilment and glory. On the central door, made of bronze and 5 meters high, you can find the entire text of Our Father in Catalan has been inscribed. So has the prayer “Give us this day our daily bread” in fifty languages. And Nativity façade expresses the joy of all creation at birth of Jesus and recounts the mainevents in the lives of the Holy Family.

The church consists of 4500 square meters where 8000 people can worship. Four of its towers are dedicated to the evangelist and the main and highest tower dedicated to the Virgin Mary, erected at the center of the crossing, which will recall the figure of Jesus, and the four bell towers on the Glory façade. For safety reasons visitors can only go up the towers by lift.

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