Flower parade 2014 “Energy” of Keukenhof

Flower Parade
Credit: Keukenhof

On Saturday May 3rd at 9.30, the annual Flower Parade will travel its 40-km route along the main roads from Noordwijk to Haarlem. The visitors will be given the opportunity to leave the park to watch the Flower Parade and re-enter afterwards to proceed their visit to Keukenhof.

The flower shows at Keukenhof are an unique floral experience, every day. More than 30 Flower Shows are an important part in the program of Keukenhof. Over 600 growers present their most beautiful flowers and leading arrangers create truly unique shows with them. The visitors can vote for the best flower per show. In the Oranje Nassau Pavilion, every week another flower is the center of attention. In the Willem Alexander Pavilion you will find nearly 100,000 tulips displayed and will find here the largest lily show in the world. The Beatrix Pavilion is transformed into an orchid show of unprecedented proportions.

Keukenhof is a world famous park where millions of flowers bloom. But did you know that Keukenhof offers more than just many flowers to look at? You will also learn how a flower grows from a bulb, why almost all bulbs come from the Netherlands and what for example bulb peeling entails. Throughout the park you will learn a lot about nature and the different flowers. Along the way you will pass a large playground with amongst others climbing equipment. Make a stop at the petting zoo, there you walk in between the lambs.

You can sail around Keukenhof in the so-called ‘whisper boats’ through the beautiful surrounding Dutch landscape and the bulb fields. They are, in fact, old boats that used to be used by gardeners, growers and farmers for all types of work.
The bulb fields at Keukenhof are situated in the town of Lisse, the heart of Holland’s bulb growing country, easily reachable from Amsterdam in about 1 hour by a bus. The park is open from mid March until mid May every year. The bulbs usually flower sometime around late April or early May, making this the best time to visit. Keukenhof has decorated seven amazing inspirational gardens. In these contemporary gardens, with the size of an average backyard, beautiful Dutch bulbs go together with different garden trends. These gardens have been developed in various styles, with various themes and are meant to inspire visitors to get started in their own garden: (cookery, love, country-life, Rob’s familie tuin, Dutch cow and recicle garden).

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