Barcelona for Foodies

Barcelona has long been known as a gourmet lover’s heaven. With the local chefs’ propensity for using only fresh local ingredients as well as making creative and delicious food that is always an adventure to eat, you pretty much cannot go wrong when dining out in Barcelona. Barcelona is famous worldwide for daily producing and consuming food that the rest of us around the world can only dream of tasting, whether it is appetizing aromatic cheeses, cured hams, freshly seasoned olives, bubbly cava, or a creamy dessert.

Tapas at Las Teresas

For this reason, we here at Barcelona City Tours have activities specifically catered towards visitors looking to have a delicious time when in our beloved city. To start off you foodie tour of Barcelona, we recommend the Barcelona Brunch Market Tour, although the local term for brunch is “almuerzo.” As opposed to a replacement meal for breakfast, however, an almuerzo is a traditional break you enjoy between your breakfast and lunch meals. As you walk around the Boquearia Food Market, our gastronomy expert will guide your experience of the market stalls, shops, and eateries where you will also be able to stock up on anything that takes your fancy.

After your almuerzo, what could be better that something sweet? On the Barcelona Sweet Walking Tour, our dessert connoisseur will guide you around the best bakeries and cafes in town. Barcelona’s chocolate tradition goes all the way back to 1772, meaning that the locals have had a great deal of time to accumulate and perfect their confectionery skills.


Everyone knows that when on vacation somewhere warm and sunny there’s almost nothing better  than spending an afternoon lazing around with a glass of wine. That is, except spending an afternoon in a traditional vineyard. On the Oller del Mas Winery Tour, you will experience for yourself the rustic Catalan countryside as you visit the Oller del Mas – one of the most important wineries of the region. Located in a castle that is over a millennium old, you will visit the ancient cellars and go for a beautiful and relaxing walk through the vines themselves. You will be able to learn how wine is made and discover the secrets of the regional wine making industry. Finally, you will be able to participate in a wine-tasting course before you return to the city.

For dinner, we recommend you catch a show while you eat. The Palacio del Flamenco and Dinner combines the two activities perfectly. The Palacio is a former theater in central Barcelona that has now been converted for purely flamenco-related purposes. You will see a thrilling performance with live singers, guitarists, and dancers followed by a traditional meal at the traditional Spanish dinner time – 22:00.

With all these options, can there possibly be anything better than a day of eating in Barcelona?