Are You Ready for an Electronik Party?

Or rather, a Piknic Electronik party – a weekly music festival that is making a return appearance to Barcelona for its second year in a row. Having initially begun its run in Montreal 11 years ago, Piknic Electronik Barcelona began 2 years ago when its organizers decided to expand the Piknic program to Europe and Barcelona was determined to be the perfect fit for its very special brand of festivals.

Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik is more than just a picnic, however. It attempts to bring together people’s desire for music, summer nights, and casual dining – a modern musical event where both grown ups and children are welcome, provided they come ready to have a good time. The event organizers this year are particularly catering towards families by setting up family-friendly activities such as a skate park, inflatables, a water park, and even yoga classes, all in the context of electronic music.

Electronik Party runs for fifteen weeks throughout summer and early autumn. Famous world-renowned DJ’s such as M.A.N.D.Y, Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Audiofly, Joy Orbison, Claude and Vonstroke amonmg others have been booked and have played this summer in the beautiful scenic Montjuic area of Barcelona. Although the music is by far the biggest attraction, food stalls, market stalls, and bars have also been set up around the stage area. The expected attendance is around 2,500 per weekly event, although as many as 5,000 have comfortably attended at once. The organizers do not wish to overcrowd the event, focusing instead on creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere – all the more so to encourage people to come back again and again.

Piknic Electronik 2

Whether you choose to simply enjoy your picnic and chat with friends, or end up taking to the dance floor, the Piknic definitely boasts an infectious party atmosphere previously only found at multiple day festivals. This is unsurprising, as the goal of the Piknic is to provide this same festival environment to lovers of electronic museum without having to sacrifice 4 days plus travel fare to get to an event. Moreover, people of all ages are expected so specific sections exist specifically for parents with their kids.

The event is privately funded, and the location, Joan Brossa Gardens, is rented from the Barcelona city council. Tickets cost 11 euro although they are discounted to 9 euro if you arrive before 16:00, and children under 12 get in for free. The event ends on September 22nd, when for one day only attendance limits will be increased to ten thousand and attendance fees will be dropped. The hours of the Piknic are also child-friendly, with the doors closing around 22:00 every Sunday.