In at the deep end in Playa Blanca Lanzarote

Lanzarote landscape

Lanzarote landscape (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

When you come to the island of Lanzarote on holiday you won’t be short of beaches to sunbathe on, restaurants to dine in and bars to drink at. The weather here is as much of a pull as the buzzing nightlife, and tourists continue to flock to the island in large numbers every single year as a result. What might not be as obvious about Lanzarote though are the beautiful sightseeing opportunities here. In fact, you can spend a full day simply taking in the landscape of Lanzarote and enjoying some of the sights that the island has to offer. Start off with a stroll along Playa Blanca promenade and marina. Because Playa Blanca is a newer resort, it has developed into a more tranquil area, learning lessons from other resorts, some of which have become over-developed and too busy for the more laidback holidaymaker. The promenade and large yacht marina at Playa Blanca are relaxed and peaceful, with lovely cafés and snack bars to stop off at along the way. This area in particular is ideal if you want a more chilled-out Lanzarote holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the main strips. Nearby is  is H10 Lanzarote Princess, a four-star hotel, a four-star hotel within easy walking distance of many of Lanzarote’s most picturesque spots. Following a stroll along the promenade and marina you can wander up to the Castillo de Las Coloradas, an old castle originally built to protect locals from attacks. The castle is not open to the public but the attraction here is the fantastic views it gives you across the island. Make sure you take a camera when you come up here as it gives you some perfect picture opportunities. Finally, there’s no better way to experience the beauty of a seaside resort than by going in at the deep end with water sports like windsurfing, sailing or scuba diving , all of which you can try your hand at in the welcoming Lanzarote sea at the Marina Rubicon leisure harbour in Playa Blanca. With its sub-tropical climate, you can visit Lanzarote almost any time of year and be confident of dry, mild weather. It’s usually warm enough to sunbathe throughout the year so if you want to save money, avoid coming in the peak summer months of July and August and instead come slightly earlier or later to cut the cost and still enjoy plenty of sunshine.


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