Top Free Things to Do In Barcelona


Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife, lively beaches and artistic vibe make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. Not unlike the rest of Europe, many activities in Barcelona can be expensive, making budget holidays a challenge. However, there are many hidden delights in Barcelona that are satisfying and surprisingly free. Blessed with immense natural beauty, the city of Barcelona offers a unique holiday experience for the luxury holidayer as well as the budget backpacker.

Explore Parc Güell
Antoni Gaudi’s most ambitious project Parc Güell is more than just a public park. Comprised of impressive architectural elements, Parc Güell proves that the best things in Barcelona are indeed free. With no entry charges, visitors can enjoy a serene stroll amongst architectural marvels. This ingeniously designed park is filled with aesthetic pathways, statues and decorated by Gaudi’s archetypal mosaic patterns on the terrace. Parc Güell manages to transport you to a fantasy world with colorful statues, unique building structures and hand crafted jewelry for prices as low as €2!

Stroll through the Botanical Gardens
The Jardi Botànic in Barcelona is situated on the city’s hilltop and is renowned for its diversity in vegetation and innate tranquility. The calm and poetic setting of these botanical gardens are the perfect way to escape from the busy city life of Barcelona. Providing an interesting insight into the varied vegetation occupying the garden, the Jardi Botànic also offers some of the most breathtaking views of Barcelona.

Visit Las Ramblas
Spanning just a kilometer, La Rambla is one of the most popular boulevards in Barcelona. Beautifully framed by plane trees, the boulevard is home to numerous stalls. A frequent haunt for locals and tourists, the stalls present along Las Ramblas offer fresh flowers and unique artworks. The boulevard is also lined by creative human statues. Constantly buzzing with life, Las Ramblas is busy even in the winters. One of the best places in Barcelona to enjoy the sun and take a relaxing walk, Las Ramblas is filled with local arts and crafts.

You can also enjoy several landmarks along the Las Ramblas. Barcelona’s opera house, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, is home to several grand salons and souvenir stores. Las Ramblas also paves the way to La Boqueria, one of the finest food markets in the region. Carrying a wide range of fresh vegetable, fruits and seafood, the restaurants and cafés in this region of Barcelona are delicious and affordable.

Experience the Barrio Gotico
Located close to the Las Ramblas, Barrio Gotico is the city’s oldest neighborhood. Facing the hills, this part of Barcelona is crafted with a maze-like arrangement of ancient streets, old buildings, hidden bars and restaurants and charming little shops. Plaza Real located on the lower La Rambla is one of the best spots for a uniquely Spanish experience. The Old Town of Barcelona is home to several beautiful churches that capture your imagination with their old world charm. Churches like Santa María del Pi are one of the best places you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon without a fee. Located at Plaze del Pi, this church is surrounded by markets and fairs with local artists playing a dominant role. Església de Santa Maria del Mar, one of the most significant gothic buildings of Barcelona is also located in Barrio Gotico.

The awe-inspiring Montjuic Magic Fountain
Offering an overwhelming view of Barcelona, the Montjuic hill once played host to the summer Olympic Games. Today, it is one of the best tourist sights in the city. Located close to the city centre as well as the metro station, reaching the Montjuic Magic Fountain is an easy task. Designed by Carles Bugas, the fountain is set at an elevation to create breathtaking patterns. The light and water show exhibited during evenings is one of the most exciting shows in Barcelona.


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