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Barcelona has long been renowned in the artistic community. From Picasso to Gaudi, Barcelona has seen the birth of many a creative talent. Gaudi and his contemporaries, through their unique architectural style and design, have in turn helped inspire generations of new artists – after all, what better model is there than the Illa de la Discòrdia?

Today, Barcelona is famous for being a haven for budding artists and painters. This is due not only to the warm Barcelona climate that provides fantastic conditions for setting yourself up for a few hours of uninterrupted painting or sketching outside, but also due to its relatively slow pace of life, and a general creative atmosphere.


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For these very reasons, Barcelona has been one of the locations for the 4th International Urban Sketching Symposium. (Unsurprising three out of the four Urban Sketching Symposium locations this year are decidedly Latin, the others being Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Lisbon, and Portland as the outlier.) Lasting from July 11th until July 13th the symposium features multiple workshops and altogether many very happy hours of sketching in and around Barcelona in the warm Catalan summer sun.

If you, having read the above paragraph, immediately opened up the linked symposium website to sign yourself up for a workshop just to find that tickets sold out months ago, DO NOT FRET! Tomorrow, July 13th,the symposium is holding a Sketchcrawl which members of the general public are encouraged to join. If you wish to spend time with fellow sketchers, you too can join the route beginning at 10:00 tomorrow all the way through to the end of the crawl at 17:00 at Arc de Triomp. You can find more information and specific details on the Sketchcrawl here. Remember, though, that even if you do miss this event entirely, Barcelona in all its glory is not going anywhere – anytime you find yourself in this beautiful city, bring your art supplies and sketch away!

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