Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Barcelona City Tours! And now, let’s talk about the food.


Although Barcelona has a wealth of delicious restaurants serving everything from paella to sushi, on a day like Thanksgiving sometimes a traditional turkey dinner is the only thing that will make you feel at home in a foreign city. Luckily for you, the Hard Rock Café (Plaça de Catalunya, 21) knows and understands this. Always great at providing the most traditional of American dishes, the Hard Rock has rustled up a delicious special Thanksgiving menu including turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie – yum!

An alternative to good old Hard Rock is the Pink Elephant Lounge (Carrer Villarroel, 82), with a more adventurous yet still oddly traditional menu: a variety of starters (including mac and cheese and deviled eggs), homemade turkey with equally homemade gravy, and an open buffet of desserts with everything from pumpkin pie to red velvet cake. Basically, Americana at its finest!

Wherever you are however you’re spending Thanksgiving this year, we here at Barcelona City Tours hope it’s a joyous and relaxing celebration!

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