Barcelona’s Best Bakeries


If you are anything like me, then holiday time is definitely always eat-amazing-food time. Seriously, diet and exercise all go out the window when I find myself surrounded by delicious and exotic food. And because Barcelona is just the way it is, when in town you are literally always surrounded by fantastic cooking and fresh ingredients.

Bread bakery

However, the baked delicacies in Barcelona are especially fantastic. Whether you’re looking for some authentic Catalan-style bread for a picnic on the beach, sweet confectionery for a special event, or a pastry because it’s Thursday – you will find a delicious-smelling bakery where everything tastes as if its homemade almost on every corner. We have compiled our favorite Barcelona bakeries in this short list, however there are likely many more that are undiscovered, so don’t be afraid to experiment! You will likely not be disappointed.


If you’re looking to pick up some bread for a picnic or simply something to snack on while you go sightseeing, Turris is the place for you. Offering one of the best bread selections in town, your next stop should be ham and cheese at a local market, followed shortly by lunchtime.

Barcelona Reykjavik

This is place sells bread like your great-grandma used to make it: unhurried and old-fashioned, with no preservatives, emulsifiers, additives, or any other non-organic ingredients. Although the all-natural ingredients can take up to 15 hours to set, the effort and devotion the bakers put into this exquisite bread will seem well worth it as soon as you bite in.


This place is the definition of ‘something completely different.’ With exploding cakes and candied jewelry, this is a great place to not only treat yourself, but also pick up gifts for the all the unique and sugar-loving people in your life.


A big town bakery with a small town vibe, Zuckerhaus produced delicious baked goods all made by hand by the owner Manuela, who employs her Italian and German heritage in making the most delicious home-made treats you will have come across.

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