A Barcelona Vacation Perfect for Kids


Much has been said about the rocking nightlife and the entertainment options in Barcelona. However, if you are traveling to Spain with kids, your entertainment options will require a few changes. If you are visiting Barcelona, you need not worry about your kids having fun as the city is very inviting. Being a kid-friendly destination, Barcelona offers numerous attractions and activities for kids that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Sightseeing on the double-decker bus
One of the best ways to experience the city of Barcelona with kids is to ride on the open air Bus Tur’stic. This double-decker bus ride is a great way to keep your kids occupied and entertained while driving around the city. All you have to do is purchase a single-day or two-day pass and jump in. More entertaining than a taxi ride, your kids will enjoy the fresh open air and get a great view of the many attractions in Barcelona. You can choose from different bus routes depending on the attractions you want to visit.

In the busy season, you can find buses arriving every five minutes. Another advantage of these sightseeing tours is that your kids can benefit from the audio tour played on the bus. Headsets are handed out to everyone, ensuring that your kids stay in their place and enjoy the scenery.  Offering personal audio tours in ten languages, the buses also make many stops around the city for lunch, snacks and the ever popular gelato!

Street performers at Las Ramblas
A stroll down the Las Ramblas is a fun family activity as you can enjoy many sights of Barcelona. Enjoy the local flavor with your kids and watch the entertaining acts of street performers throughout the day. The theatrics of the colorful costumes and the antics of the performers are sure to put a smile on your children’s faces.

If your kids love playing with animals, you should visit the animal stall situated in the centre of the Las Ramblas. Furry little animals like baby rabbits and chicks in the animal stall are sure to amuse you and your kids with their heartwarming antics.

Kicking it at the Nou Camp
If you have boys, they probably love football! If your kids are a fan of the biggest sport in the world, Barcelona is the right place to experience it. The Nou Camp, team Barcelona’s massive soccer stadium, is a living ground of history. Seating almost 100,000 people, the Nou Camp is the biggest stadium of its kind in Europe.

The venue has a football museum exhibiting artifacts and art collections related to the sport in the past decades. The venue also hosts a tour, giving soccer fans like yourself and your kids, a rare experience.

The Museum of Chocolate
The Museum of Chocolate – is there anything else left to say? Undoubtedly a wonderland for kids, the chocolate museum aka Museu de la Xocolata exhibits the long history of chocolate, its origins and its use in Europe. Despite being one of the smaller museums in the city, the Museum of Chocolate is truly one of its kind. Catering to chocolate lovers from the age 5 to 50, the museum is an inviting wonderland.

The air inside the museum is filled with the sweet scents of chocolate as the tour guides walk you through the magical history of chocolate. The museum offers valuable information on the industrial process of manufacturing chocolate as well as its introduction to Europe through Spanish travelers.

With AV presentations, chocolate artworks and factory machines stationed at different corners of the museum, your chocolate adventure in Barcelona is just beginning. Be sure to sample and purchase the numerous types of chocolates available at the Museu de la Xocolata and bring home the sweetest memories.


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